How’s Your Ranking?

How’s your site ranking? By this a person would mean how high does it come in a search using your favourite search engine. Is it one of the top five sites that comes up or is it way back on page 4 or 5 of a search, never to see the light of day?

Some of us know exactly what site we are looking for and we type it in a search. It shows up, we click and away we go. But then there are times when we have no idea what we want and we simply start typing words and hope what we are looking for comes up. If your site is good it will have all of the words that someone will type into a search and if the site is deemed trustworthy and full of useful information, then it will rank nice and high on the search. The person will click on it and away they go.

The trick then is getting SEO friendly wording and use keywords throughout your site that correspond to a search. Not only do you use the actual words but words that logically and naturally go with them to get the most broad use out of a search. For example, cats is your main focus, but paws, purring and meow can also be used as these are all things that are naturally associated with cats. Yes, that’s a very basic example but if you were doing a site about Abraham Lincoln you’d want to use the terms assassination, John Wilkes Booth, president, Mary Lincoln, emancipation and so on as people may be searching for these things as well as they are all logically associated with him. The more keywords you use the better you will be matched with searches.

No one actually goes to page two of a search and if they do they likely won’t find anything of any value in there. Ideally you want your site to be on the first page of a search and near the top as people typically go with number one or two in a search. We all do it. Having a welcoming page, one that is easy to navigate and one that has the information in a logical and helpful manner are all things that allow your site to rank well. If you have them, you’re golden. You will get traffic and you will get noticed.