Can love and friendship happen with the same person?



Can love and friendship happen with the same person?

A debate that lasts for years!

Well, in this life I no longer exclude anything. I learned that everything is possible, as each person is different and every human relationship is different. I recently met a girl from Athens escort babes and had a very interesting conversation about love and friendship.

And as I think that in the eternal debate of friendship and love there is never one and only answer, I came to another conclusion, which may ultimately be the one that will bring us closer to a happy relationship or marriage or whatever we decide to have (I never follow the rules).

Can love become friendship and friendship become love?

What if you meet in the same person both friendship and love? Of course, this means that you have nothing to hide from the other person, that you are completely honest with your feelings towards the other person, and that you feel open to trusting and being yourself.

Rarely does a person succeed or even want to make us open to such an extent that when you are with him, you feel absolute freedom.

What comes first, though? Love or friendship? Why not develop these two means in parallel and mutually? Yes, it is the rarest thing love and friendship happen to us, but it is also absolutely perfect admits Riana, from escorts Athens.

What are the signs?

As you become friends with someone and drink with him, laugh, talk about your past without fear or even work with him, at the same time you begin to recognize his beautiful eyes, his perfect lips, his strong arms and a sweet quarrel begins inside you. which ends up ending in his sheets.

What does it matter in the end? That you have a good time with him. Just like with your friends. It lets you be yourself. It makes you feel good about yourself. He feels just as comfortable with you.

The time you spend together is wonderful, the chemistry in sex is perfect and your fights are intense.

Even when it’s over you will find something to say to make people laugh or get angry. And you discuss all the problems together. You watch movies together, play on the couch, go on vacation separately or go out alone with friends and then when you meet back home, you secure your love with one on the couch quickly.

Imagine finding love and friendship in the same person. And be reciprocal. Because the only right timing in love is the mutual feeling. Everything else is an excuse we say to comfort the sick.

Anything that doesn’t satisfy us or makes us feel small and cheap is something less than that.

Love wants its time. He wants a pillow to touch after sex to make dreams come true, to exchange caresses and conversations. He wants a walk, a room to house him, he wants the saltiness of the sea in the summer and the snoring under the blanket in the winter. And this contact with someone makes us really happy.

What is “only”sex?

Everything else is just sex. Fulfilment of a carnal need that at some point leaves us unsatisfied. He always leaves us unsatisfied but we pretend he doesn’t, either because we have one-sided feelings or because we think we’ll never find each other or just because we’re used to the surface and are afraid to swim with someone in the deep.

So imagine being lucky enough to meet love and friendship in the same person. If you find him holding on, it will be the best gift you can give yourself even if it seems difficult at first.

What does relationship mean?

Relationship means desire, a deeper need for communication and interaction and not obligation and demands.

Relationships are simple, but most of the time we make them complicated. Creating and developing a relationship requires desire on both sides, it takes honesty and trust, respect and passion, closeness and love. Relationships, however, are not always so simple and the existence of the above elements is not a given.

The relationship does not need promises and schedules. All you need is interest, understanding, communication, discussion, sharing and mutual feelings. Maintaining a relationship requires perseverance and patience, interest and effort on both sides. The relationship cannot go on or on on its own.

Mutual desire is an essential element of a relationship. Being in a relationship means that I want to see the other, I miss him, I want to share things with him, I want to spend as many moments with him as possible. I feel like I’m never going to get bored of him and when I won’t stop wanting to be by his side.

What do we expect from a relationship?

Everyone can give their own definition of the relationship. A relationship means something different to each of us, and when we think or imagine a relationship, different things come to mind.

What we expect and expect from a relationship depends on the experiences we have, the image we have of the relationships around us, starting with the relationships within the family and the image we have of ourselves.

What do we expect from a person and what kind of behaviour do we deserve? Which things do we consider important and in which can we give in or compromise? What kind of values ​​do we consider particularly important and necessary for a relationship?

The relationship requires constant effort, it is not enough to be interested in the other or to be in love.

The relationship needs time to build and it needs our constant presence to be able to maintain it. It is important to ensure healthy relationships, which do not hold us back, do not expose the worst elements of our character, do not abuse us and do not become abusive to others.

How do we recognize a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is based on giving, but without dependencies and intense possessiveness, giving each other the freedom of choice and his own space and time. A healthy relationship accepts everyone’s pros and cons, forgives mistakes and pushes efforts to improve behaviours on both sides.

Based on honesty and genuine coexistence, real interest and enjoyment of reality. It does not mean that there are no differences, disagreements and conflicts. The issue is how we choose to resolve existing disagreements and what impact the way we choose has on the relationship.

How much can we accept the other as he is and how much can we see the relationship as it really is? What is the difference between what we have imagined and what we are living and how much we see the reality of this relationship?

Relationship means listening and understanding the other, I want to listen to his problems and support him and I want him to do the same. And all of this is essential in a relationship, so that there can be and will be a stable and secure relationship that will be good for both.

If the relationship has desire, love, passion and so on, sharing and mutual interest, joint effort and perseverance then it can be kept alive over time, without damage. The relationship needs the expression of our feelings. It is not enough to know that the other loves in us. But it is important to feel that the other loves us.

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