In summer burglaries increase rapidly



In summer burglaries increase rapidly

In the summer we see a rapid increase in burglaries – portes asfaleias – in houses. It is a time that favours thieves a lot. Usually in the summer you leave home more often. Good weather keeps you out longer. Summer is the time when many people will more or less go on vacation or a few days at the cottage.

We see Athens “deserted“. All this creates the right circumstances for thieves to act. Protect yourself from burglars. Even if you leave for a few days, take care of the security of your property. Find below useful tips to avoid breaking into your home. See tips for the safety of your home.

Do you have a security door with an old type of lock?

In summer, burglaries increase. Old locks are easy to be opened. If you want to enhance your security door’s old lock choose a new generation lock for your protection.

How burglars “open” and “close” doors?

The absence of citizens in Athens for summer vacations has increased burglars. There are organized gangs, who invade into houses with pass-keys, without leaving behind the slightest trace of violation.

It is characteristic that the owners return unsuspectingly to their homes and find the doors locked. They unlock and then see their belongings upside down, even though the house was “sealed“.

During the period we are going through, the reports to the local Police Departments in Athens for burglaries, with the key-pass method, have increased significantly. Perpetrators tend to ring the bell to make sure the owner is missing. Then they unlock the door and look mainly for cash, jewellery and electronics.

Real evidence of Alfinodoor owner

Alfinodoor company knows the situation first hand, as they are called by the citizens who fell victim to change their lock: “The gangs have 10 pass-keys with which they can open 2.500 different types of doors. I change 25 locks a week in homes that have been targeted by burglars. There are security locks that cannot be violated. It is best not to hold the same lock for too many years. Burglars are constantly evolving and upgrading their operations, as is the security provided by a lock. A good security lock starts at 120€ and can reach up to 300€. A good locksmith has experience of which models are now most easily broken by burglars. I personally recommend models for which – at least so far – I have not heard of a case of violation by paspartou “.

There were also incidents in which elderly people came face to face with the criminals, as soon as the latter unlocked the door as masters. In another case, burglars entered an apartment with a passport and pulled the door latch from inside the house to search on their own pace for cash. When the owner returned he unlocked but could not enter due to the latch. So, the perpetrators finished their work and left from the balcony door.

An employee of a company that installs security doors claimed that, “People are no longer afraid of robbers entering their homes when they are away. This has been overcome. What they are afraid of is being inside when the attack takes place. Especially, when their children are sleeping. This is the reason why many put cameras, both inside and outside the house, to prevent the perpetrators from approaching. Their goal is for the sirens to sound and for the criminals to give up their effort. Especially when it is summer and the windows are open.”

Why you should secure your house?

The alarm works as a deterrent. Burglars will strike a house without a security system. A simple installation in an apartment starts at 500€, while for a detached house it can reach 900 or 1.000€. The price varies of course depending on the customer’s requirements. The most common installation is the one with motion detectors. This is a good and reliable solution.

There are customers who, in addition to motion detectors, want to place ‘traps’ on the balcony doors, which alert them when someone opens them. The more an alarm is upgraded, the higher the cost.

The vast majority of the complaint reports we receive are from homeowners who did not have an alarm. Gangs prefer to take the least possible risk. First they fire and then they hit. Alarm sirens should not only be placed inside the house but also outside.

If there is only an internal siren, we have found that burglars remove it and place it in a bucket of water to turn it off. “Security cameras also act as a deterrent, less so in relation to the alarm, because the criminals either hide their facial features or turn them in another direction.”

What does EL.AS advise?

Every summer, the Police publish advice to the citizens, who leave their houses for holidays.

These tips are updated from time to time to take into account new data.

The Police, therefore, suggest:

Before you go on vacation, make sure that the doors and windows of your house are well secured.

1. Inform about your absence only your relatives and friends or the neighbours you trust (to supervise your home) and if there are particularly serious reasons and the Police Department in your area. Do not leave notes on when you will return or how long you will be away; as such notes may reach the hands of burglars.

2. Do not leave messages outside the door or mailboxes overflowing with prints and magazines on the stairwell. They are “evidence” of your absence. Also avoid leaving stairs, furniture or other bulky things in your garden that will help the would-be perpetrator climb.

  • Your house or apartment should not look “completely empty“, thus indicating your absence.
  • If possible, install an automatic light-timer. Activate, if any, alarm system.
  • Do not leave large sums of money, jewellery or other valuable things in your house.

3. In case you are informed by neighbours, friends or relatives that they noticed something suspicious in your house do not hesitate to notify the Police Department in your area. You should do the same if you go back and find your house robbed.

The most important thing is to have your security door always locked!

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