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Who has not dreamed from end to end of the earth a trip to the fantastic landscape of Santorini? Find at Emporio 847 03 and call us on 694 457 7918 and take a Santorini private tour. The volcanic island of the Cyclades with its peculiar geological subsistence has been a natural setting in international film productions and an ardent desire of travelers with a romantic mood.

The airport is located 7 km outside of Fira, the island’s capital, while it is 17 km from the wonderful settlement of Oia, as well as from the southernmost tip of the island, the archeological site of Akrotiri. Passengers arriving at the airport are served by taxi or bus for transportation. The distance between Fira and the airport by public transport takes about twenty minutes. The corresponding distance by taxi is only ten minutes. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Caldera and enjoy the landscape with its color changes throughout the day. Feel cosmopolitan as you look for in the white alleys of Fira boutiques equipped with the latest fashion and clubs in charge of taking care of your overnight entertainment.

The volcano that “sleeps”

It may have been more than half a century since its last activity, but the volcano still “evaporates” sulfur and warms the surrounding waters, creating the conditions of a natural spa. You may already be wondering how the “danger” of the volcano can be combined with your romantic trip to Santorini.

What could be more idyllic than a private boat trip? Equipped with large mattresses for relaxation and sunbathing, bath, toilet, music and stairs for easy access to the sea, you will arm yourself for about five hours and the captain will provide you with masks and respirators, if you want to discover its beauties bottom. In case you like fishing or you want to try your luck at it for the first time, the boat is equipped with fishing tools. If you are not interested in all this again, at the back of the boat there is a large table with seats on each side, while a large awning provides shading and always offers wine and water.

Of course it is not the only alternative! You can see other excursions here on the island or around the volcano. You will surely notice, when you go to admire the sunset in Oia, the boats and speedboats that are just downstairs waiting for the sunset. So this is one of your alternatives! See them all here!


It is said that the peculiar, due to the eruptions of the volcano, Santorini soil gives a special taste to the traditional products of the island. These are the green cheese, the white eggplant, the capers and, of course, the fava beans and the Santorini tomato. Whatever restaurant you choose, accompany your meal with sweet Vinsanto wine or an Santorini Assyrtiko. Of course, if you are a beer lover, do not forget to try the beers produced on the island with the brand of the nicest donkey or the volcano.

What is certain is that the restaurants and taverns of the island satisfy every taste and budget, as you will find from gourmet restaurants to souvlaki restaurants. For fish appetizers, sit in one of the taverns of the picturesque creek in Ammoudi, right on the sea, in Skaramaga on the beach of Monolithos. In Oia, but also in Imerovigli, there are many restaurants that combine good food and great views.

Night life in Santorini

Entertainment in Santorini is pervasive throughout the island and all the time. To enjoy your breakfast or to drink an afternoon coffee, relax in one of the shops that have a privileged position in the Caldera, from Fira to Oia. Feel the heart of the island beating at your own pace, full of love, romance and hope and let Santorini be etched forever in your memory and photos.
Did you finally change your mind about that exotic island where you were planning your honeymoon?

Do not miss!

The most famous event of the island is the “Volcanoes” that are organized every August. This is the representation of the eruption of the volcano with thousands of fireworks illuminating the sky, creating a fantastic spectacle! Finally, is there anything more characteristic than the festivals on the Greek islands? If you find someone during your stay in Santorini, you must give your presence, since it has musicians who play traditional instruments, with people dancing island dances and everyone tasting the local delicacies accompanied by the famous Santorini wine.

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